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Unicoastal (adj.): relating to both northern California and southern California, esp. San Francisco and Los Angeles.

I lived in Los Angeles for months before I met someone who was actually born there. During that time, three quarters of the people I met were from New York, and I was introduced to the concept of “bicoastal,” defined by the World English Dictionary (on dictionary.com) as “relating to both the east and west coasts of the US.”

I also observed that in that same way, many Californians divide their time between the major cities of the Pacific Coast. LA-to-SF is one of the busiest air corridors in America. Deriving from bicoastalism, I have developed the concept of “unicoastal.”

Having migrated twice from Los Angeles to San Francisco and lived in each city for as much as a decade at a time, I have been intrigued, amused, maddened, and mystified by their differences and similaries. I look forward to exploring these differences and similarities here.